Typical day of camp:

Campers will start out the first day with basic lessons and skill assessments. Based on age, skill level, and comfort; We will separate for instruction, have a couple of breaks for snacks and drinks. Campers will explore the skatepark with an instructor to offer lessons and advise in the street course, and flat-ground tricks.

Other activities will include, assembling and finding the right fit and feel of your skateboard, understanding hardware, wheel types and basic overview of skate culture.

Our main focus is:

  • Safety and skatepark etiquette
  • Park awareness and critical thinking
  • Board 101: Understand how to set-up and keep it working well.
  • Balance, control, and how to fall
  • Stance, body positioning, and foot placement
  • Pushing, rolling, turning, carving and stopping

More advanced skaters will learn:

  • Ramp alertness and dropping in
  • Popular tricks such as “rock to fakie”, “rock and roll”, “50/50 Grind”, “Axle Stall”, “Ollie” and “Power Slide”.